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The World's A Little Blurry-Emma Stern

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This digital composition is based on footage of Billie in Finneas' room, where she is sitting on her bed and we can see 'Bury a Friend' in its early stages beginning to take shape as she flips through a notebook filled with her handwritten lyrics. This struck me as a really poignant moment because it is so tender, so stripped down and honest. Most of the art I make involves female figures in intimate interiors, and that intimacy is something I really aimed to convey in this composition. Visually, I was also drawn to this scene because of dramatic backlighting which gives the whole setting a very specific, vibe-y moodiness that I enjoyed emphasizing, as well as the small details like the Murakami flower pillows peeking out from behind Billie, which kind of take on the role of secondary figures in the final piece.

Limited edition high quality art prints.

This is a 18x24" print on heavy weight paper.

Ships in 3-4 weeks.

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