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"red and black" crowbar

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SABER creates paintings borrowing from elements, techniques, and materials he once used as the 21-year-old rising to international fame in 1996 after painting the world’s largest graffiti piece on the bank of the Los Angeles River. Now SABER has customized his own tool of the trade--a metal crowbar etched with his famous tag-- high carbon steel wrapped crowbar packaged in a custom box.

A note from the artist:

I have to admit, this is unique contraband. 

Another name for a crowbar "Jimmy". I'm very pleased with the results, shiny and smooth as fck. The art translated really well with this printing process onto the metal. I'll probably never make these again so grab it now or later on the flip side. 
Later in life your kid discovers this in the closet and asks. "Daddy what is this?"
Just try and formulate an answer to that one....


Measures 21"


Ships in 1-2 weeks.

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