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Enigmatic Argentinian-Spanish artist Felipe Pantone’s work exists at the intersection of technology and art. Felipe Pantone’s formative years in Valencia saw him explore and experiment with graffiti whilst also receiving a formal artistic education as he graduated with a Fine Art degree. The mix of DIY, street culture sensibility and an intimate understanding of the ‘rules’ and ‘traditions’ that define fine art can clearly be seen in Pantone’s progressive creative practice today.
Pantone’s creations have been displayed at major cultural institutions around the world, including Mesa Contemporary Arts Center in Arizona, the Long Beach Museum of Art in California, and Palais de Tokyo in Paris. However, his work isn’t confined to gallery walls or traditional canvas. Pantone has animated everything from buildings to bottles with his innovative, movement rich patterns.
It is this spirit of experimentation that has created a body of work which transcends the art world and attracted a host of collaborative partners eager to bring Pantone’s striking aesthetic to an even bigger global audience.

The themes of technology and transformation are central to Pantone’s work and both have been at the heart of PUMA’s high-functioning product since the brand’s inception.
PUMA’s heritage of innovation and creativity has helped build an archive of game changing footwear and apparel that set the benchmark for style and performance for years after their initial release. In the first ever PUMA x Felipe Pantone collaboration, the pair have drawn inspiration from PUMA’s rich past and a new, shared vision for the future.
The collection borrows design DNA from what were once some of PUMA’s most progressive and well-known styles in order to create the product of tomorrow. Hyper-modern design elements such as the use semi-translucent materials, gridded textures, and knitted elements are coupled with futuristic gradient graphics and iridescent finishes to create a collaborative collection that is instantly recognizable as the work of Felipe Pantone.
Jointly, PUMA and Felipe Pantone have managed to navigate the tension between old and new to create a collection that is as dynamic and disruptive as any that came before.

Felipe Pantone is an Argentinian-Spanish artist who deals with contemporary themes and whose work is a play on movement and perspective, characterised by bold colour and geometric patterns. Our women's specific addition to the Rider family is inspired by vintage cars with a playful design showcasing Felipe's signature use of colour gradients and absorption and reflection of light.

Fine art meets high fashion in this digitally-inspired creation by PUMA and Felipe Pantone. Contrast detailing, iridescent highlights and urban elements combine in this futuristic design, featuring stand-out branding, chunky zips and hidden pockets galore.

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