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Estevan Oriol x Dickies Indigo Denim Bib Overalls

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A nod to the past and a spyglass into the future, the Estevan Oriol x Dickies collab is steeped in heritage and adapted for modern times. Acknowledging the importance tradition plays in our unique identity, Estevan Oriol captures real moments in everyday life that tell a story far beyond that singular moment in time. A professional photographer and director, Oriol is an icon of LA street culture and while he has blazed trails, he's always been guided by his roots. Likewise, these Estevan Oriol x Dickies Indigo Denim Bib Overalls fuse past and future with their iconic utility design, styled for 2022. With his catch-phrase "Laugh Now Cry Never" screen printed for all to read, you'll be a daily reminder to live life to its fullest and to always look for humor in whatever life throws your way.


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