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Estevan Oriol x Dickies Original 874® Twill Work Pants

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If you're in need of a daily reminder to live life to its fullest, or simply want to own a piece of wearable art, these Estevan Oriol x Dickies Original 874® Twill Work Pants fit the bill. We are celebrating our 100-year anniversary this year and to celebrate, we've teamed up with icons that embody the Dickies ethos. Estevan Oriol is an LA street culture icon who has spent the last few decades capturing raw and real images of his community, and the grit and glamour of Los Angeles. Through his work, he has elevated Chicano street art and paved the way for generations of street artists. His catchphrase, "Laugh Now Cry Never" is a nod to the importance humor plays in street culture. Designed with the fine-line black and grey lettering that is indicative of street tattoo art, Oriol's art is rooted in heritage. Make it a uniform and pair it with the Estevan Oriol x Dickies Original Twill Long Sleeve Work Shirt and make a mark of your own.


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