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Print ships within six weeks. Signed by the artist and numbered. Print features glossy silkscreened highlights, holographic and pearlescent enhancements, and intricately detailed dimensional chop. Print size: 23.5" tall x 18" wide. Image size: 20" tall x 15" wide. The erhu, or spike fiddle, typically has two strings, but the instrument being played here is missing a tuning spike. Perhaps the other spike was used to silence the lover, and now his hair has been strung up and resonates with a song of remorse and release. Subtle pearlescent embellishments are stamped around the figure, and her dress is dripping with silkscreened gloss. In the lower right corner, a portal opens to another time and dimension, and is highlighted with a holographic sheen. In the embossment below, the monk harmonizes with his bassoon.

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