Lauren YS

Guan Yin ( __) Print

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Lauren YS’ limited edition print Guan Yin ( 觀音) portrays the Chinese God of Compassion. Guan Yin ( 觀音)—a magical Bodhisattva showing, says the Lotus Sutra, "gender is no obstacle to Enlightenment."


Edition of 150, 15 x 20 inches, Signed and Numbered.


AluFoil Topcoated Foil Board: AluFoil 12 pt.


Foil Board LA-based artist Lauren YS (formerly known as squid.licker) draws inspiration from queer worlds, non-binary identities, mythology, dreams, psychedelia, animation, cybernetic organisms, travel, nature, human dignity, metaphysical wonderings, and their mixed Asian- American heritage.


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