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NTWRK Exclusive. Ships in 6-8 weeks. DEHARA YUKINORI & YOROZUYA's big soft vinyl series "RINGORILLA" consists of 12 types of variations.This project started in the winter 2019. When Mr. Dehara visited the YOROZUYA factory, he was inspired by the high level of technology and the spirit of challenging soft vinyl production, and joint production began. Immediately, Mr. DEHARA handcrafted a clay prototype in the conference room of YOROZUYA. After 3D modeling by YOROZUYA and production of wax and metal molds, a soft vinyl figure that has been significantly increased in size has been completed. (Mr. Dehara's soft vinyl character is the largest) Mr. Dehara and YOROZUYA have agreed to destroy the metal mold as soon as the production of 12 variations is finished, and they consider it as one performance including the process.

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