Brandalised Sweater - Eleven Paris - Grey Ghost


About Brandalised Sweater - Eleven Paris - Grey Ghost

This Brandalised Sweater  is a collaboration between the French brand Eleven Paris and Brandalised. Inspired by the art of the graffiti artist Banksy. The idiosyncratic and brilliant street artist, who remains to this day anonymous, has captured the attention and the hearts of millions of people worldwide. Their unique style has been a staple of the street art movement since the 1990s and their work shows absolutely no signs of stopping. Their art is completely political, melding dark humor and biting satire, which cuts to the core of society’s base assumptions, allowing their art to shock and at the same time educate via metaphor and analogy.  The anonymous artist Banksy is easily the most famous street artist and he continues to thrive to this day. More details on Brandalised Sweater - Eleven Paris - Grey Ghost:
  • Material: Cotton
  • Brand: Eleven Paris

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