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BE@RBRICK PUSHEAD #5 Gold 100% & 400%

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Ships October 2020. The latest in a long line of BE@RBRICKS, created for MEDICOM TOY by Pushead, is the 'BLEACHED' GOLD chrome special 100% and 400% set. Available exclusively now for pre-order on NTWRK, and at MEDICOM TOY official stores in October. This will be the first BE@RBRICK to utilize a new process curated by Pushead and MEDICOM TOY, which sees the BE@RBRICK plated in GOLD chrome, and then a 'BLEACHED' waterprint, based on a fabric design splashed out by Pushead, being pulled over the chrome base. Features the Pushead katakana printed on the back in bright yellow. The waterprint process allows for each BE@RBRICK to be different, and no 2 are alike in the graphic placement, adding a unique individuality to the design. Packaged in a similar 'shoe box style' flip top package as the previous Pushead BE@RBRICKS, with the image printed over a gold chrome foil paper. Set contains a 100% and 400% Bleached GOLD chrome BE@RBRICK. BE@RBRICK TM & © 2001-2020 MEDICOM TOY CORPORATION. All rights reserved.

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