Dr. Woo x Objective x Medicom Toy - Kakigori Man

$195 $350

Made in conjunction with MEDICOM TOY, this collectible lamp is designed by Dr. Woo and brought to you by Objective; a new collectible company helmed by Jakuan Melendez (360ToyGroup). It is designed after Dr. Woo’s favorite summertime dessert , KAKIGORI a.k.a shaved iced. Inspired by a funny Instagram Story post of this tasty dessert, this Matcha Kinako Kakigori flavored shaved ice lamp is adorned with large emoji eyes and a playful tongue that playfully illuminates when turned on. This collectible character is powered by 4 aa batteries which allows anyone in the world to enjoy a moment with KAKIGORIMAN!!!!!

Ships in 1-2 weeks